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Property Management

property managementOur services include screening of tenants, property inspections, rent collection and property maintenance.

Investor Aquisitions

investor aquisitionWe treat each investment property as if it were our own. This process has provided us with long term clients.

Find a Rental Property

vegas for rentWe offer affordable house & condo rentals throughout the Las Vegas valley that are ready to move in today!

Property Rehab & Maintenance

rehabWe personally bid out the project and manage each licensed contractor for the work done to your investment.

Investor Acquisition


Develop Target Property Profile

Whether it is a home or condo, large investment or small. We will refine your target real estate purchase.

Build List of Available homes

We maintain an inventory of all available homes in the Greater Las Vegas Area that meet your profile.

Evaluate Most Attractive Prospects

We personally inspect up to 100 homes that best fit your target, provide an estimate of required repairs, market rents and target ROI.

Prepare Offers

We will prepare offers for up to 100 homes, evaluate all responses and make recommendations on all counter offers.

Review HUDs for Accuracy

We personally review all closing statements from title companies to ensure accuracy of charges and performance of title companies.

Monitor Status of Targeted Homes

We keep a close on on anything that falls thru escrow. The best purchases Can come from following up on an offer previously rejected.

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We Treat Your Home Like it Were Ours.
Our Experience.
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I had been using a large, well known Property Management Company in Las Vegas to oversee my investment property. After 3 month of vacancy I hired Guardian Realty. They had a qualified tenant for me in 1 week without reducing the requested rent by 1 dollar!
Joe Kwiatkowski
Like many retirees, I depend on income from my investments to cover unexpected expenses. When I cashed a $70,000 CD this year I could find nothing that would provide a reasonable return until I discovered the service provided by Guardian Realty. They did everything exactly as described on this website, and within a few months I was receiving over $1,100 a month from two properties which are valued at $133,140 in today's market. What a find!
John A. Davison

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