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Guardian Realty Property Management

Guardian Realty Investment & Property Management LLC provides real estate acquisitions and property management services in the Greater Las Vegas Area.  Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive program for the in state and out of state boutique investors.  Our concierge approach was developed for one reason and that is to maximize the return on YOUR investment.  We treat each investment real estate property as if it were our own which gives each of our clients piece of mind that their real estate investment is being protected and maintained. 

With our Property Management services we have 3 goals: 

  1. To find a suitable tenant in a timely fashion. 
  2. To provide budgetable property management fees. 
  3. To maintain the value of each real estate property.  

It is a simple formula that has brought us and our clients great success!  We screen each of the prospective tenants by conducting credit checks and doing a personal visit to their current home to inspect how each tenant takes care of their environment.  We believe that in order for our clients to be able to make smart investments in real estate that budgetable property management fees are an integral element to assuring an accurate account of a client’s ROI.  Please go to the Property Management page for more details on the services that Guardian Realty provides for  your property management needs.

Real Estate Investments and Acquisitions

Guardian provides a unique service for investors interested in starting or building their real estate portfolio.  At Guardian we will find you real estate investment properties that fit your target specifications (dwelling type, neighborhood, and target ROI) by personally inspecting up to 100 homes.  We calculate with great precision the cost of rehabing a prospective property, our property management fees, overhead, and the suggested offer price so that you, the investor, reach your target ROI.   We are in a unique time with respect to the real estate market in the Las Vegas area with abundant cash flow opportunities, values below trend, low replacement costs and the current/forecasted strength of the real estate market.  Investors will continue to provide buoyancy in the housing market for years to come. Distressed properties will play a primary role for the next 3-5 years and the transitional nature of our residents will continue to promote a strong rental real estate market.  The result for our investors are above average capitalization rate returns and the ability to recoup their capital in 10 years or less from net cash flow.  Bottom line…After this real estate investment period cools off, we may never see cash flow opportunities like there are available today.  Please go to the Investor Acquisitions page for more details on the services that Guardian provides for your property investment needs.

"Like many retirees, I depend on income from my investments to cover unexpected expenses. When I cashed a $70,000 CD this year I could find nothing that would provide a reasonable return until I discovered the service provided by Guardian Realty. They did everything exactly as described on this website, and within a few months I was receiving over $1,100 a month from two properties which are valued at $133,140 in today's market. What a find!
- John A. Davison, Salt Lake City, UT.

Guardian Realty Investment & Property Management
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Guardian Realty Investment & Property Management
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