Today in part one of my new series, I’m explaining the costs of filing for evictions.

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I receive many questions about evictions, so I’m starting a series of educational videos about evictions. Evictions are never enjoyable and are often made even worse by the hassle. Today in part one I’m discussing the costs involved with filing for evictions. 


Many property managers will hire a processing/eviction service company, and they charge you a premium, which sometimes costs up to $1,000. I am able to get the price down to below $200, and here’s how I do that. 


We have three townships here in the Vegas Valley area: Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas. They all do things differently, but costs tend to stay the same. For the filing of a civic seven-day pay or quit, I use a process server, and he charges me a $45 flat rate to post the seven-day notice on the tenant’s door, as well as send it in the mail. 

Vacancy is your most expensive cost.

Then if the tenant doesn’t pay, we have to file the actual eviction packet with the courts. Between the three townships, it’s roughly between $71 to $76. So now I’ve spent about $120. 


Once the courts approve the eviction, then we have to file with the constable. The constable does the lockout of the tenant. The constable charges per mileage, so the cost depends on how far your unit is, though $75 is about the average.


Adding all this up, it’s approximately $195 for all the filing fees. As you likely know, vacancy is your most expensive cost, so anything you can do to cut down on costs through this process is helpful. 


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