We might finally be seeing the end of the eviction moratoriums.


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Today I’m continuing the discussion of the seemingly never-ending eviction moratorium saga. A few weeks ago it was announced that the eviction moratorium in Nevada would finally be coming to an end, and it would not be extended again. It expires at the end of May, so as of June 1, we can begin the eviction filing process. We can again post the seven-day notice, file with the court, have court hearings, and if granted, the courts are instructed to hold the lockout until July 1 because the CDC affidavit for the eviction moratorium will still be in place until then. 


Part of the reason the moratorium has been extended another two months is that the rental assistance program has been poorly run, and they haven’t been getting out the rental assistance money. We have over $126 million that’s been sitting with the Department of Social Services since January. We’ve seen one check out of around a dozen, and we’re still waiting for those applications to be processed. 


I think we’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of eviction moratoriums.


My hunch is that the mediation program is going to kick in as it did in October, which turned out to be a positive thing. The mediators had a direct line with the Department of Social Services and Deters and Unemployment, so by the time the tenant and I got to mediation, the mediator already had confirmation from Rental Assistance that a check was coming, the amount, and that Deters would finally process their unemployment. I believe we’ll start to see much of this in June and July. The best-case scenario is that those tenants are now back to work, they can remain in the property, and their back rent will have been paid. 


However, as we saw many times in October when evictions opened for about six weeks, the rental assistance came in, they paid it up to maybe that month, and now I’m seeing that most of those tenants have fallen behind again. If these tenants aren’t being proactive and getting jobs, I foresee that we’ll simply be pushing off the inevitable, and possibly in September we’ll have to go through the eviction process.


I think we’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of eviction moratoriums. If you have any questions, contact me via phone at (725) 220-GRIP or by email. I’d be glad to help you navigate through this insane period.