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Guardian provides a unique service for investors interested in starting or building their real estate portfolio. At Guardian we will find Real Estate investment properties that fit your target specifications (dwelling type, neighborhood, and target ROI) by personally inspecting up to 100 homes.

What We Provide To You

Develop Target Property Profile

Whether it is a home or condo, large investment or small. We will refine your target real estate purchase.

Build List of Available homes

We maintain an inventory of all available homes in the Greater Las Vegas Area that meet your profile.

Evaluate Attractive Prospects

We personally inspect up to 100 homes that best fit your target, provide an estimate of required repairs, market rents and target ROI.

Prepare Offers

Our Real Estate Consultants suggest offers for you and your Realtor to work from.

Review HUDs for Accuracy

We personally review all closing statements from title companies to ensure accuracy of charges and performance of title companies.

Monitor Targeted Homes

We keep a close eye on anything that falls thru escrow. The best purchases can come from following up on an offer previously rejected.

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