Rental assistance is coming to an end. See the details here.

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I have an urgent update about rental assistance in AB 486: Its funding is running out by the end of the month. About two weeks ago, we received an email that the mediator we have been working with throughout the past year was, unfortunately, losing his job for this reason. 


We were surprised to hear that so much money was already gone, but this also means that we did a great job of getting that money out to tenants who needed it and that the property managers and landlords were fantastic at getting the paperwork done.

"I suspect and hope that the courts will hear these cases much faster."


What does that mean come January 2023? Nothing is sure at this point. The courts are supposed to put a 45-day hold on these cases for mediation, but if there's no mediation to be had, then I would suspect and hope that the courts will hear these cases much faster.


I will keep you abreast when we start seeing these changes and let you know how the courts pivot toward this new lack of funding. This is good news, and I'm hoping we'll get back on track with the process so we don’t have to wait for four to six months before the judge hears our cases.


Also, I know the Las Vegas Justice Court worked very hard to get money through a grant program for an eviction diversion program, and they were doing it within the judicial system without getting legislature approval. It will probably be coming before the legislature to change the process of the evictions, but now, with our Republican governor, I'm unsure if this will have support from his office. This is another thing we will definitely keep an eye on.


If you have more questions about this topic or anything else, call or email me. I’m always happy to help!