How to proactively maintain your property for long-term success.

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Property maintenance stands as a cornerstone for preserving the value and integrity of any home. Today, I’ll explore the proactive strategies employed by homeowners to reinvest in their homes.


I work with several owners who have multiple properties, and they truly understand the significance of maintaining their houses. Throughout the year, we prioritize preventative maintenance, such as painting the fascia to keep the wood properly sealed.


"We consistently advise our owners to maintain their properties."


Additionally, during turnovers or vacancies, certain owners opt to renovate one house annually, updating the bathrooms and kitchens. There are multiple reasons behind this choice. Firstly, it's a reinvestment in their most valuable asset. Secondly, it allows us to uncover hidden issues that might not be immediately visible. By dismantling countertops and delving behind walls, we often discover instances of water damage and wood deterioration. This approach enables us to preserve the home's integrity while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Over time, designs become outdated, and what seemed contemporary in the 90s or early 2000s may now appear much older, especially as we near 2024.


This proactive approach not only refreshes the property but also fosters a sense of pride among tenants, encouraging them to take better care of their homes. We consistently advise our owners to maintain their properties, which ultimately contributes to increased property values through reinvestment.


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