This legislative session has seen several bills that affect landlords.

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Today, I'm in Carson City serving as a state legislator, and I’m here to update you on some changes. 


First, there are a few bills coming through to make the source of income a protected class. That change would require that landlords accept Section Eight, which is about Social Security and disability. Some people don't want to accept Section Eight because the contract is pretty stringent and non-negotiable. I have been in conversations with the current legislator about putting that through and how rigorous the contract is.


We also have a kitchen sink bill, which is everything that they weren't able to pass last cycle. They've added 28 pages to another bill, and in it, they are shortening the time frame in which people would have to return a security deposit, as well as discussing not charging certain fees.


"We have the support of the governor, who doesn’t want to hurt property rights."


None of these things are too worrisome because our governor is very supportive of property rights and understands the importance of not putting too many regulations on landlords so that rents can stay at a reasonable rate. This has been the case so far, as rental rates in Las Vegas are about $200 less than the national average. We do have the support of the governor, and I don't believe that he will pass anything that will hurt landlords or property rights.


As we get deeper into the session, I'll have more details on bills that get passed and things we need to watch. A handful of bills are about HOA rights, which could make the landlords’ jobs a little bit easier when dealing with an HOA. Overall, I am very hopeful. 


If you need anything or have questions, please feel free to reach out to me. You can call me, send me an email, or visit my website. I would be happy to help you!